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November 4 Michigan Road

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UPDATE 11.03, 8:00 pm: Sorry everyone. I just got word that the park is still closed. The run is cancelled for this Sunday. We’ll regroup next week.

Electricity? Who needs electricity to run? This Sunday, November 4, meet at the Ward Pound Ridge Reservation Michigan Road parking lot and follow the 6 mile Michigan to Rock Trail run. We’ll follow some of the less-traveled paths in the reservation, this time going down the stairs for a change. At intersections 25 and 21 we’ll be taking some smaller trails so we’ll visit portions of the park we don’t usually see.

Next week is the Beachfront Bushwhack which sounds like a great race. Not sure if I’ll be there but I’ll organize a run in the reservation for anyone wanting to stick closer to home.

Hope to see you out there this Sunday.


October 28 Recap

Thanks everyone for coming out on this pre-hurricane run. The rain held off, the temperature was perfect, and the trails were beautiful for whatever distance you ran. If someone can tell me what those pinkish trees were all around us at mile 4, I’d like to know‚ they were spectacular. The photo above includes the crew at the meadow lot just before the start and includes (not necessarily in order): Rich Camerik, Scot Binder, Phil Sandler, Johathan Greene, Barry Fagan, Eleanor Hershey, Kathy Lynch, Gerry Sullivan, Annie Bai, Mark Vincent, Lee Willett, Tony Godino, Seth Hollander, and Karen Haitoff. Great to see you Rob and thanks for the pic. Hope to you you next week.

October 28 Meadow Parking Lot

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This Sunday, October 28 at 8:00 a.m, meet at the Ward Pound Ridge Reservation meadow parking lot (see map) for the first Ward Pound Ridge trail half marathon run. We’ll have a 13.1 mile option, plus 6 and 8.5 mile options as well for those who’d like a more leisurely run.

I’ll drop a cooler of water at mile 7.5 so there will be one water stop along the way. If you think you need more water than that, you can drop an extra water bottle at intersection 1 just after the five-mile mark. It’s not likely that I’ll have a chance to mark the trail in advance so bringing a map might prove useful. Rob says he’ll be the official timekeeper just in case anyone wants to know their time. Should be a lot of fun.

*Update: it looks like we have a fair chance of rain on Sunday but we’ll still run rain or shine.

On November 4, we’ll meet at the Michigan Road Parking Lot when we tackle the Michigan to Rock Trail course. More on that next week.

Hope to see you out there.

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